By reading we become better global citizens which will open each of our eyes to key ideas

The book " down the road when the conflict began” (1993) by Steve Marsden supports the idea ‘by reading all of us become better global residents which starts our sight to crucial ideas'. From this book we come across modify, relationships, endurance and nature. Change. Transform is when folks have items happen to their very own circumstances and they are forced to believe or believe that differently. Transform was significant because it was a main topic in the book as the young young characters had been forced to handle devastation with their lives and their environment due to war. The theme of modify is also essential because it is something which affects all of us at some time in our lives. We all never know what the outcome will be for us. We come across the concept of the change in the smoothness of homer. At the beginning of the novel we all learn about homers behaviour in school. He was a immature, troubled children who liked being the class clown. Ellie says " He was crazy and outrageous he didn't care what he would or what anyone thought”. Homer always seemed to be struggling. Halfway through the novel all of us start to observe Homer changing into the innovator of the group. Ellie says " it's hard to think this fast thinking guy was once hardly actually trusted to hand out the literature at school”. At the end with the novel we find homer staying commander of the group coming up with outstanding plans and giving persons orders. All of us also begin to see the theme of enhancements made on the character of Ellie. At the outset of the novel we understand Ellies existence as a country girl who is a ‘tomboy'. We see the first sign of difference in Ellie's character when they are coming to the showgrounds where most Warrawee's occupants have been kept as prisoners. Ellie won't know if perhaps she will have the courage to visit into the showgrounds but the girl does. States " I actually felt after that, and i nonetheless feel now that i was transformed by these four actions at that moment i stopped being an innocent country teenager and started...


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