CHAPTER one particular



This chapter provides the History of the corporation, Mission and Vision, Company Chart, Location and Location Map.

Great the Company

Boso Boso Highlands Resort and Tradition Center is situated at Antipolo‚ old township, Sitio Boso-Boso, Barangay San Jose Antipolo, City. It had been owned and operated by Femar Real estate Development Organization. The identity ‚Boso-Boso that was properly pronounced‚ Boso-Boso‚ came up after the identity of famous church – Boso-Boso chapel, a remnant of the 16th century. Franciscan missionaries arrived in Antipolo place in pre-Spanish colonization period, 1578, and established the oldest chapel in Antipolo City. In 1591 they were replaced by the Jesuits whom organized the village in a parish. It had been destroyed during the Second World War. The newly refurbished church stands in the grandeur of aged stone with wild pampre and crops growing about; a remnant of battles and geo-physical alterations, long-lasting all that using its full elegance; conducive location for educational outings and a site for a second of peace and quiet. A famous marker was put on its facade in October 2001 for the rehabilitation from the beautiful, centuries-old Boso-Boso house of worship.

Boso boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center has been operating for 7 years and counting and located in 10 hectares of terrain of Sitio Cabading Brgy. San Jose Antipolo, Town. It is located at the top of the ridge over the Marcos Road overlooking the deep Boso-Boso Valley, facing the verdant Sierra Fonte Mountain amounts. The Resort/Hotel and Convention Center gives an experience of great view with an surroundings that is totally free of all kinds of polluting of the environment, away from City Manila. The resort features boast of the elevated pools, convention Hall, cottages and villas, playground, Open field for team development activities, golf ball court & mini soccer fields pertaining to sports fan allowing the organization to serve as many as a couple of, 000 guests in a day. Boso Boso...


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