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Chinese of Medical

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Course Explanation

This course provides the student engagement and connection with the energetic language of health care. Through comprehensive discussion posts and actions, the student may have the opportunity to become immersed inside the words utilized in health care. This course requires a mic and speakers or headphones for documenting and hearing digital audio files.


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Course Materials

Turley, T. (2011). Medical language: Immerse yourself (2nd ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Pearson.


Speakers, mic, and cost-free AudioAce™ computer software

All electronic materials can be found on the college student website.

Week One: Summary of Medical Language





1 . 1 Apply rules for medical language intended for combining forms, prefixes, and suffixes. 1 ) 2 Identify the five skills of medical language communication.

Study course Preparation

Read the course information and objectives.

Read the instructor's biography and post your own.


Read the Several weeks One and Two Browse Me 1st.


Examine Associate Level Material: Final Project Requirements.


Examine Associate Level Material: AudioAce® Instructions which can be the software required for recording music..


Browse Ch. one particular of Medical Language.


Read Ch. 2 of Medical Terminology.


Take part in class discussion.


Discussion Queries

Respond to regular discussion questions.




Strikeout Chapter one particular

Complete the Strikeout Evaluation located on the Supplies page of the student internet site.

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Week Two: The Human Body Via a Medical Perspective






2 . 1 Determine the eight approaches to learning the human body. installment payments on your 2 Define basic terms related to the origin, onset, and outcome of diseases. installment payments on your 3 Create medical terminology associated with the eight approaches to learning the human body.


Chapter a couple of Quiz

Finish the Section 2 Questions located on the Supplies page of your student website. Submit a screen taken of your results page inside the Assignments Section:

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Seven Organizational Approaches Daily news

Research the seven organizational approaches to learning the human body and how and when they can be used in medical.

The findings and explain your results in a 350- to 700-word daily news. Be sure to include the following in your paper:

Establish the several organizational approaches to studying the body. Discuss just how each company approach can be used to study the body and its systems. Discuss when the organizational methods are used in health care.

Report a minimum of two sources apart from the text. Additional...


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