п»їStrategy and Implementation Summary

Since we are the commercial agent to get selling distinct band mike power and mike inside deliver products. Therefore , provides focuses on advertising the robert power to get the relatives which has a baby and some friends and family which always drink mike every day. Want to provide the different renowned band of mike electricity and mike around Hong Kong. It hope to save enough time of customers pertaining to going to purchase different robert power and mike in market. Likewise, some robert powers is not easy to find in Hong Kong. For example , Holle, Aptamil, Wakodo etc…

The 2nd strategy is targeted on educating the key benefits of drinking mikes. Provide the different varieties of mike products such as substantial calcium, low fat for different buyers. For example , elder may drink the robert which has the high calcium supplements for staying away from osteomalacia.

5. one particular SWOT Analysis


1 . The customer of Hong Kong may deliver goods to the clients free in certain period. Delivery is definitely free on orders over $500, another problem is that it can often be charged pertaining to an extra 20 dollars, exceptions will be noted in the website of the company.

2 . Provide different group of mike power and mike which are not easy to buy in Hk. For example , Holle, Aptamil, Wakodo etc… We can say that some consumers like the music group are originate from different countries. It is a certain for our company.

3. Possess a big shipping house pertaining to storing a whole lot of goods. When customers send out a so that it will buy robert power, all of us will perform the robert power company and record the order how many mike power the customer will need. Then all of us will help the client store the mike electrical power in the freight house prior to delivery merchandise. Also, all of us store a few different music group mike electric power in our gets house pertaining to avoiding not enough supplies.


1 . Robert power company may have quota for supplying the mike electrical power. Since a few mike forces are are derived from different countries, the mike power may possibly supply the mike powers within their countries firstly. That may allow order...


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