OCR Level three or more Cambridge Technological

Certificate/ Degree in Business

Device 1 The Business Environment

Task 1 Ownership


McDonald's was developed in the year 1940 and provides currently regarding 34 500 restaurants in all of world. As McDonald's was found they established plenty of shops specially in Europe and America. McDonald's is obviously a private company and it is owned with a head of shareholders. It absolutely was found by simply Richard and Maurice McDonald's and right up until today that they don't get virtually any support by government. Today, the company is definitely leaded simply by Andrew T McKenna because chairman and Don Thompson as president and CEO of the business. These people are the main decision makers within just McDonald's organisational structure. This kind of business is one of the main fast food companies on the globe. This means that they produce meals, but obtain supplied by other businesses. They are really settled inside the secondary and tertiary sector, cause they're not truly producing every part of the foodstuff they sell, however they do incorporate products to a new saleable merchandise. McDonald's is usually combining supplier's goods to actual fast food products and I selling them. Therefore they're settled in the restaurant sector. McDonald's is known as a franchise and public limited company.

Franchising a business ensures that the company, although it is possessed by a brain of owners, they sell a number of shops to private persons, who spend on using the corporations name and selling the whole menu of the business. That they still have restaurants which are truly controlled and managed by McDonald's business, but your shops the franchised, they still individual and control the actions and on- goings in each store and cafe. By franchising the companies term they give persons, who want to always be independent, a chance to find a speedy start into the worlds market of restaurants. Loads of business fail to receive widely accepted and fail to make their name famous. McDonald's can be described as name the general public trust and it's really much easier...


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