This Women's Work

Prior to I observed " A Midwife's Tale", a movie created from the diary found by simply Laurel Ulrich chronicling the life of a woman named Martha Ballard, I thought the women in these times were merely housewives and nothing else. I pictured them carrying out the cleaning and the preparing food for their husbands and not getting very intelligent because of the not enough education or them being unable to work. My own view on the subject changed however , if I viewed this specific female's life and her job.

To know that there was a female such as Martha back in those days is very interesting to me because I especially did not believe there were ladies who were since brave and independent as she was. The lives of women generally speaking, not just in Martha's case, were occupied and at at times hard during these times. That they had to do a multitude of things coming from keeping the home under control and raising occasionally several kids to working on a farmville farm and content spinning. Sometimes, a few women even would work to generate a second living for the family, such as MarthaВ‘s case. And even though the women were able to work, they continue to did not maintain as much power as men did, which is still evident today. And if the women were acknowledged as much as it should be I'm certain we didn't need a very different subject intended for Women's History because they will cover this in the frequent history classes, instead of the subject matter consisting of 99. 9% men.

Martha's day was obviously a pretty extended one and consisted of many roles to do, nearly anything from cleaning the house to delivering an infant. The fact that she never lost a mother during any of the childbirths is unbelievable in itself as it was the number one cause of fatality in females. Among those jobs she also spun, raised her children, worked on her farm, and treated health problems, coming up with her own remedies. For example the moment Parthenia was sick and she acquired her drink the last milk from the cow in hopes of her improving which unfortunately your woman wasn't capable of make her get...


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