The task for Golfing logix is usually to increase product sales by implementing a new technique to target direct consumers. This tactic is primarily focussed on ‘avid' and ‘core' golf players with the purpose of increasing revenue by 400K XCaddie units in the initially year. Alternatives:

1 ) The initially option for Golflogix is to apply a strategy to industry the product better through the game of golf courses without having to worry about immediate consumers. This will likely give Golflogix a freedom to market all their product in a single segment when still maintaining the earnings growth whether or not there is no rise in demand at a consumer level. We believe the item is more attractive to experienced and regular players as it provides them an excellent medium to further improve their game at the same time it also provides a in order to the traditional golfing which might certainly not be made welcome by every golfers. As stated in the case, the core and avid buyers use exclusive and top quality courses therefore; Golflogix should target the foreign exchange market specifically. As well, looking at the operating expense, it is less likely that low end municipal classes would have enough budgets to introduce a new system which can be high in expense and comes with a lock in obtain three years. That being said Golflogix contains a free one month trial for a product that we think offers its positives and negatives, due to the expensive cost in setting up the complete program, Golflogix may lose lots of money just from your trial and courses not moving in an agreement. For this reason, Golflogix has to replace the target market to high end and courses that contain sufficient cash also change their existing strategy regarding 30 days free trial offer.

installment payments on your The second means to fix Golflogix is to target the consumers straight. This could be done in various ways, simply by marketing their product immediately in department stores, sport shops, online etc along with various marketing campaigns. The main advantage of this option when compared with previous would be that the target market is significantly bigger hence the demand may...


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