The STP FOREX Process in Marketing Managing

By Chrissy Rice, eHow Contributor

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STP FOREX stands for segmentation, targeting and positioning.

STP FOREX, which stands for segmentation, focusing on and placing, is a primary concept in marketing management. It is usually the first step in developing a advertising plan. Three parts of the concept maximize exposure and industry saturation searching at the most key elements that effect how a great or services will be received. Other People Happen to be Reading

Tactical Marketing Managing Definition Precisely what is STP Marketing?


Segmentation is the technique of breaking down large target markets in to smaller, sub marketplaces made of buyers with characteristics. These commonalities are usually in ordering habits and life needs. Demographic segmentation divides consumers by sexuality, age, cash flow, occupation, education and other factors. The break down also basics on location and lifestyle. The benefits of segmentation in a marketing strategy include supporting focus on portions of consumers and figuring out how to appeal to them.

Focusing on

Once the buyer market has become divided into sections, the marketer proceeds towards the second stage of selecting exactly who he should focus on. The targeting stage involved matching the talents of the marketing plan with the needs from the consumers. Elements like part size, development and investment must be thought to ensure the program doesn't overreach or underachieve. Return on investment is likewise considered with this phase to be sure the target market is worth promoting to.

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The final level in the STP FOREX strategy can be positioning the merchandise in the market. Positioning is based on selling price, product competition, and end-goal strategy. Decisions like which in turn stores will certainly carry an item, on which press it will be advertised, and how this...

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The final level in the STP strategy is definitely positioning the product in the market. Placement is based on cost, product competition, and end-goal strategy. Decisions like which will stores will certainly carry an item, on which multimedia it will be publicized, and how it will be sold enter into play. The wording of promoting materials and times advertising will run must also be considered in the placement plan.


The most important idea within STP FOREX marketing is to have all three stages fine mesh together to form one smooth plan. Segmentation leads to the ideal target marketplaces, which leads towards the right placing strategy. In the event that at any point inside the marketing managing process one of many aspects of the STP program change, you should start from segmentation and rework the technique. One stage of STP without the other folks is most likely going to fail.

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