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Week 9: Reflection Assignment form

This class is about business communication and business writing.  Skills I have learned in this class are going to be necessary in my classes I have coming up and my personal future job. With the connection technology expertise I have discovered in this class will be ideal to business write for my upcoming classes and my career. Although interaction technologies and devices can be found, face-to-face conversation in my opinion is the best way to connect.  In order to be powerful in conversation and business writing analyzing and researching the audience is an important part of the organization writing method. In order to receive positive feedback via an audience running a business communication, whether it be e-mails, memos, and words, the publishing needs to be clear of unbias, unprejudiced, and indiscriminative writing. Because it comes to a bunch setting I have learned it is important to adjust attitude, use active listening, interpersonal skills, be responsible, and dependable. When collaborating on a group writing project it is important to plan the entire job in order to make a successful write-up. A tough draft will need to be produced, revised and edited by entire group before showing the producing to the audiences.

Week 4: Business Writing Graphic Organizer

**Keep in Mind**

Steps will not require a particular order. Persons write in different ways. I personally, focus on body paragraphs and let my personal words and sentences movement. Then, I actually revise and edit. My spouse and i add the introduction and conclusion paragraphs and check. In fact , most readers avoid using each step for all of you documents that they write. This will depend on how sophisticated the given topic can be.

Week 5: Email Etiquette

Email One

To: Tom

Subject matter line: Talent Reallocation


This e-mail is in reference to the two employees who will probably be terminated Comes to an end. We have determined that they are Nicole Stone and Lorenzo Torres. As we discussed yesterday, their performances are not about par with those of various other employees in the accounting division; interventions with these staff have not been successful in helping these people improve their functionality. Let's intend to meet with all of them individually in the conference space between 3: 00 and 4: 00 p. m.



Responses to questions one particular and installment payments on your

The format looks to become fine, but the topic collection does not appear to fit. The message is usually talking about two employees that will be terminated, and the subject matter line is definitely talking about expertise and reallocation. This email is appears to be talking from one form of managing to another sort of management. It does not specify in the nature of the e-mail this type of discussion usually is discussed between managing. Addressing a staff by their initial name would appear appropriate for any office if the two employees will be management. The sections where the management will be meeting with employees individually also seem like a very good idea when ever addressing an employee's performance.

Edit e-mail if possible

E-mail 1

To: Mary

Subject line: Employee Analysis Review and Conclusion


This email is in reference to the two employees that will be ended Friday. Following the review of all of the employees it has been decided Nicole Stone and Lorenzo Torres are not carrying out as well as the other employees in the accounting department; intervention with these employees have not succeeded in helping those to improve their functionality. I suggest a meet with all of them individually in the conference place between 3: 00 and 4: 00 p. m. Thanks,


E-mail Two

To: Director

Subject line: doc u wanted

Dear Manager,

Placed on this e-mail is the hello you wanted with the info on that pond project. I hope everything in it is str8 and the approach U want it!!!!

BY THE WAY, did you observe Last Comic...

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